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Passing multiple coordinates to PostScript

Now that Mup supports exporting tag information to user PostScript code, this hint is probably mostly obsolete, but it may still be useful for demonstrating how to do some unusual things.

When you use a "postscript" section to add arbitrary PostScript code to the Mup output, you specify a current point, but sometimes it would be useful for the PostScript code to know about the location of more than one thing on the page, for example, to draw a line between two points, or to draw a box or oval around several chords. One way to do that is to have one postscript section to save away the x,y values of each point of interest, and then have a final postscript section that uses the points to draw something. Since Mup puts the contents of postscript sections inside a save/restore block, saving coordinate information for later use is a little tricky, but the following example shows one way it can be done. Earlier, in the section on macros, we showed how to draw a line with an arrow using macros and arithmetic expressions. Here we will show how to accomplish a similar thing using a postscript section.

staff 2
1: c =c;r;e;f;
2: r;e =e;g;d;
// This PostScript saves the (X,Y) coordinate of a point
// near c in PostScript variables beginX and beginY
postscript (c.x + 3, c.y) "
	% Save current point on the stack
	% Since Mup did a save operation, move that save object
	% to the top of the stack and do a restore,
	% leaving the currentpoint values on the stack,
	% so we can then save them in beginX and beginY.
	3 -1 roll
	/beginY exch def
	/beginX exch def
	% Push a 'save' object for Mup's restore to use
// This PostScript retrieves the beginX and beginY that were saved by the
// previous PostScript, along with the given current point coordinate,
// and from that, calculates and prints an arrow.
postscript (e.x - 3, e.y) "
	% Similar to above, save the specified coord in endX and endY
	currentpoint   3 -1 roll   restore
	/endY exch def   /endX exch def
	% Calculate length of the line, sin and cos to get arrowhead angle, etc.
	/fullX endX beginX sub def       /fullY endY beginY sub def
	/fulllen fullX fullX mul fullY fullY mul add sqrt def
	/cosine fullX fulllen div def    /sine fullY fulllen div def
	/headlen 15 def     /headwidth 10 def
	/headX headlen cosine mul def    /headY headlen sine mul def
	/hbX endX headX sub def          /hbY endY headY sub def
	/thicklen headwidth 2.0 div def
	/thickX thicklen sine mul def    /thickY thicklen cosine mul def
	/feathupx hbX thickX sub def     /feathupy hbY thickY add def
	/feathdnx hbX thickX add def     /feathdny hbY thickY sub def
	% Make the arrow wide, a shade of red, and with rounded ends
	gsave 3 setlinewidth 0.8 0.2 0.2 setrgbcolor 1 setlinecap
	% Draw the line and its arrowhead lines
	newpath beginX beginY moveto endX endY lineto stroke
	newpath endX endY moveto feathupx feathupy lineto stroke
	newpath endX endY moveto feathdnx feathdny lineto stroke
	% Push a save object to match the one we undid earlier

Picture of Mup output

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