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As an alternate to a breath mark, sometimes a short vertical line is drawn through the top line of the staff. Another thing that is sometimes seen is something like a short bar line, just spanning the two middle spaces. That might be used in music that wasn't originally written with true bar lines. It might also be used to subdivide a bar, when there are an odd number of beats, to show the intended grouping of beats. These could be done using macros. Here is one possible implementation. Note that you could apply to multiple staffs by setting the STAFF argument to the list of desired staffs.

// short vertical line through top line of staff
define BREAK(X,STAFF)  rom above STAFF dist -2.3 ! :  X "|"; @
// line spanning two middle spaces of the staff
define SB(X,STAFF)
 rom above STAFF dist -7.2 ! : X "|";
 rom above STAFF dist -5.8 ! : X "|";
1: f;g;a;c;

Picture of Mup output

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